December trading update

December trading update

Since November I’ve paused trading to get back to learning and studying to find my trading style. I am currently writing a trading business plan that also includes a checklist for each strategy. This checklist is vital in preparation for each trade and will teach me how to be disciplined and to stick to a process.

I will start live trading again in January (or even February) after I’ve had a chance to test my strategies. I’m dying to get into live trading right now, but I know that staring at charts and making the same mistakes is just silly. I need to better equip myself with knowledge and a process before doing so. My aim is to consistently profitable and this will happen if I have specific processes for each step of the way.

Wish me luck and I hope to be posting about my journey in the new year!

I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and an awesome new year! 2017 will be fantastic!

Post Author: Bart Puszko

I started day trading stocks in 2016. My passions include Liverpool FC and swimming.

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