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Which day trading blog should you follow?

This is one of a number of posts related to trading tactics. Please see other posts in the series covering topics such as creating watchlists, tracking performance and reading earnings calendars.

So-called ‘guru’s have a number of subcription-based services they’d like you to sign up for. In addition, some of these traders have a day trading blog that may or may not be useful. Which blogs should you follow? This is a list (in order of my personal preference) of tried and tested trading blogs (whether offering a service or not). I have read some of their material and consider it to be of value.

The best blogs (in descending order)

1. Tim Sykes
Tim Sykes has been writing about penny stocks for a long time! He started trading the pre-noughties bubble and made a fortune from it. He can come across as egotistical and arrogant, however his stategy works for me and I highly recommend his day trading blog posts (which unfortunately do contain a lot of marketing hyperbole). Just starting out? This blog is updated often and has some great articles. Tim also has a number of DVD’s, some better than others – if you are looking for a place to start watch Tim Fundamentals Part Deux.

2. Tim Grittani
Tim Sykes’ second millionaire student (after Michal Goode) is very down to earth and humble. I highly recommend his day trading blog which contain a lot of very useful material for the beginner trader. I also highly recommend his DVD “Trade The Ticker“. There are many excellent live trading examples and Tim presents very well on camera.

3. Michael Goode
Michael became Tim Sykes’ first millionaire, and while having a slightly different strategy to Tim Grittani is also an excellent trader. He is also humble and very analytical, albeit can come across a little dry. He co-authored the Reading SEC Filings DVD which is an excellent and useful tool when you are analysing 8k’s or 10Q’s. Michael’s blog is also very good, containing useful material for the beginner trader, and is updated approximately 2-4 weeks with new material.

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Also recommended

4. See Jane Trade
Jane Gallina aka AirplaneJane has been trading a short time but has already made $145k. She has a super-easy-to-understand blog with many hints and tips. I highly recommend Jane’s day trading blog and have used it regularly. Updating of the blog takes place approximately every 1-2 weeks.

5. Investors Underground
IU has been around since approximately 2007 and Nate Michaud is a down to earth guy always willing to help new traders. His day trading blog can also very useful and contains some excellent information. Nate left in April 2015.

I emailed Cam (his business partner) who explained that IU’s business is going in a different direction. I can appreciate and accept that however I’m not clear on why Nate would stop wishing to openly and transparently sharing his verified profits? If anyone knows please let me know! I think it’s vitally important for any subscriber paying for a service to have the ability to see all the trades of his ‘guru. Furthermore, offers uploading of trades directly from a brokerage account and thus trades can be verified.


Try these too

6. The Street Sweeper
The Street Sweeper is an excellent tool for researching manipulation in the stock market. The writers expose corporate fraud and attempt to bring the perpetrators to justice. They cover suspicious stories of insider trading, corruption, stock promotion and other topics. A highly recommended blog that gives you an inside look into wall street and specifically the shenanigans that can affect the tickers you trade.

7. Trading Schools
I haven’t made my mind up about this blog. It’s author is a reformed stock promoter who spent time in jail with a very direct and hard-hitting style to his stories. He reviews all the so-called stock market gurus that offer subscription-based services. According to the site, 99% of these are scams – read some of his stories to see what you think.

8. Trade On the Fly
The only reason this is last on the list is because I have heard very positive things about Michele however have not followed her closely enough to write an opinion. The views from many traders are that Michele is an excellent resource and always willing to help. Michelle is thought very highly of at IU (where she is also the swing chat moderator).

Which blogs do you follow and do you agree with the above list? I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments below.

Post Author: Bart Puszko

I started day trading stocks in 2016. My passions include Liverpool FC and swimming.

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Great list of blogs!

Bart Puszko

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Keep up to date with all the new posts by signing up. I’m also creating a daily watchlist which is undergoing some changes to share even better stocks 🙂