Day 3 of $1k Challenge: -$252 (live $)

Day 3 was disappointing as my greed got the better of me 🙁  (I was up over $220 TWICE and should have stopped then as $200 is my daily profit target). But, I thought I could make more money and I let that emotion get the better of me and paid the price.

To add insult to injury, the -$252 means I’m now under $25k meaning I’m under the PDT rule. The plan is to fund the account in the next couple of days and continue next week.

Today’s lessons are tough to take and accept, but I need to learn from them in order to become a better trader.

The good news is that I CAN be profitable as I’ve shown on day 1 and today – I just need to work on my discipline and greed.

Post Author: Bart Puszko

I started day trading stocks in 2016. My passions include Liverpool FC and swimming.

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