3rd day of new trading strategy: +$1,068

Hey guys, hope you had a great weekend and Monday πŸ™‚ I was away on a short city-break last Thursday and Friday and took yesterday off, but I was back in the action today! Overall, I had a good day where I mostly shorted and it enabled me to make $1,068 after commissions.

I found MOMO via Finviz (see video for detailed info on how I set up the filters) and TTWO was so over-extended that I also shorted it. In the middle I went long on ETRM which I know quite well from trading it before.

Overall, my new strategy is coming together although when I go live my size will be smaller. So far I have learnt Β many new good things and this week I am focusing on my no. 1 error: getting better entries. Normally I chase, 90% of my losing trades are due to chasing. So I’ve made a very conscious effort to only get in a trade on a pullback or dip. It’s not easy but it’s much safer and more disciplined.

Post Author: Bart Puszko

I started day trading stocks in 2016. My passions include Liverpool FC and swimming.

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